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Our Family

Hi, thanks for taking the time to take a look at our site where we are proud to share our Galdrkatt family. We are Rob and Gina, the feeders, cuddlers and general "do it all'ers". When we are not busy with the fluffy ones, we are parents to our two children, Ada and Jack. They absolutely love their pets, ensuring they have all the cuddles they could ever need and this means that the kittens that leave us are already well socialised with children.

Rob has worked with many different animals over the years, both at work and in his personal life. Currently, Rob manages a small farm in a special school.  This involves teaching animal care and environmental studies to vulnerable children that have a complex range of needs.

Gina works alongside Rob and also has a real passion for animals, growing up around her family cats it hasn't left her in adulthood. Gina especially loves showing our beautiful Norwegian Forest Cats when we have the opportunity.

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